Our focus

Our work is focused on buildings owned by the Victorian Government, including offices, hospitals, train stations, community centres, prisons and TAFEs.

Infrastructure such as fences, bridges and pipes are outside this scope. Also outside our scope are premises that are leased or sub-leased to tenants by the Director of Housing.

What's in Scope – Offices, Educational Facilities, Health Services, Emergency Services, Community Centres, Prisons, Warehouses and Depots, Recreations and Sporting Facilities, Aged Care and other Accomodations, Retail and Commercial Spaces, Museums, Control Centres

The VAEA completed its first phase of data collection in 2018.

We regularly gather data from government agencies, so we can track and report progress on asbestos removed from government-owned buildings.

Victorian Government schools

Public schools fall under the remit of the Victorian School Building Authority (VSBA) which has conducted a full statewide audit of 1,712 government school sites. The VSBA found high-risk asbestos at 497 schools and, by March 2016, had removed it all. Asbestos that may pose a future risk has also been removed from 396 schools. For further information, see the VSBA website(opens in a new window).

Other workplaces

The scope of our work is limited to public sector, government-owned buildings. All workplaces in Victoria are subject to laws and regulations intended to protect workers from the health risks posed by asbestos.

Under the Victorian Occupational Health and Safety Regulations 2017, employers and persons who manage or control workplaces have duties to, so far as is reasonably practicable, identify all asbestos present at the workplace.

If any part of your work is in an area that has asbestos that could be disturbed, your employer must implement controls to eliminate the risk of exposure, so far as is reasonably practicable. An employer must make a workplace asbestos register readily accessible to employees and is required to advise them of any proposed asbestos removal work.

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