AIRTracker is an extension of AIRSystem that is accessible via a URL or a smartphone app. It is an online portal allowing an occupational hygienist/competent person to input information on ACMs to a workplace building register held on the AIRSystem.

AIRTracker was created by the VAEA to keep data in AIRSystem accurate and up to date. It is used for live record keeping instead of paper on a clipboard. This live in field app allows for ACM data to be edited and new data on ACMs to be added in real time.

AIRTracker meets all requirements of the Victorian Occupational Health and Safety Regulations 2017. Government agencies can authorise access for an occupational hygienist to ACM data held on AIRSystem. Access can be time limited and limited by building. Agencies can secure their information so only relevant data is available to the occupational hygienist.

AIRTracker allows an occupational hygienist to have all ACM and building data in one place to review and update whilst conducting an asbestos survey, without having to sift through old paper surveys and registers.

With the touch of a button AIRTracker exports an in field inspection straight into AIRSystem for agencies to be able to view their up to date data all in one place and immediately after completion.

Victorian government agencies who wish to use AIRTracker for their asbestos surveys should contact