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Our job is to develop a whole of government record of the location and condition of identified asbestos containing materials (ACMs) in government owned buildings.

To achieve this we developed:

  • a consolidated register of identified ACMs in government owned buildings
  • a risk assessment model to assess asbestos hazards
  • a schedule for the prioritised removal of asbestos from government owned buildings.

This innovative approach will ensure that the long term plan for the prioritised removal of asbestos from Victorian government buildings is informed, measured, systematic and safe.

The VAEA reported to government in December 2018. The Schedule for prioritised asbestos removal was submitted with the VAEA’s report to government.

The consolidated asbestos register

The consolidated register is the foundation for our work. It is an aggregated register that collates and standardises all identified ACMs in government owned buildings.

The consolidated register:

  • locates and records the condition of identified ACMs
  • allocates identified ACMs a risk rating, based on ACM condition, friability, disturbance potential, building use and public access

The consolidated register provides government with a centralised and comprehensive database to inform the plan for a large scale asbestos removal program.

Asbestos risk assessment model

The VAEA developed a new risk assessment model which assesses key risk factors associated with the identified ACM and the building it is situated in. In applying the model:

  • identified ACMs are assessed for friability, condition and disturbance potential
  • buildings are assessed based on use, public access, nature an frequency of access and the building type.

The evidence based risk model will provide a robust approach to the phasing of government wide risk based removal.

Schedule for prioritised asbestos removal

The Victorian Government Schedule for prioritised asbestos removal will establish a coordinated, whole of government plan for the ongoing removal of asbestos from its buildings.

This work will enhance the safety of the Victorian community by working towards the eradication of asbestos from government buildings to reduce the risk of asbestos related diseases.

Reporting to Government

The VAEA reported to government in December 2018. The report to government included the Schedule for prioritised asbestos removal. The VAEA will report annually to the Minister for Workplace Safety on the progress of removal of identified asbestos from government owned buildings in Victoria.

Reviewed 03 October 2022

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